Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas Day 1 // November Favorites

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Benefit Hervana blush

Sleek Contouring Palette

Rimmel Kate 107

Barry M Gelly High Shine in Almond

Happiness Boutique Necklace

Happy December 1st everyone! Today I got up and the first thing I did was to play Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You – a tradition which started at uni and something I do every year without fail. It will be on repeat the whole day and let me tell you – my Christmas mood is officially ON. Before fully diving into the whole Christmas craze though let’s wrap November up and talk beauty favorites. I haven’t tried a bunch of stuff this past month but instead rediscovered my love for some forgotten babes. I sense that they will be making quite the appearance on the blog soon because they are all that good. Allow me to explain…

Step aside Mac Soar & Brave, I have a new fave lip combo! Ever since Halloween when I opted for a more vampy look all I’ve wanted to coat my lips with has been Essence Lip Liner in Soft Berry (here / review) and Rimmel Matte Kate in 107 (here / review). You can see me wearing the combo here and I love how bold yet sophisticated it looks. I like to outline my lips with Soft Berry and slightly bring it inwards, leaving the very center of the lips bare. Then I go over the uncovered part with 107 and we get the most beautiful ombre effect. Both shades compliment each other beautifully and it’s the perfect combo for this time of year. Christmas Party companion sorted.

I’ve been needing all the glow recently as my skin has been a bit dull and lackluster and the Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (here) has been making my cheeks rather happy. This golden pink cream highlighter is absolutely stunning and creates the most gorgeous natural finish. I like to pop it at the highest points of my face and I adore how beautifully it reflects the light, making me look dewy and radiant. A little goes a long way and I love that this is a glitter-free highlight. It just adds light and luminosity to the complexion without making you look like a walking disco ball. Love.

Benefit Hervana (here) is all I’ve been swirling on the apples of my cheeks and I am not complaining. This beauty gives me serious autumn-y vibes and I love how it perks and warms up my cheeks. The beautiful light veil of color Hervana gives is so flattering and gently it highlights my apples. The buttery, long-lasting formula is pure perfection as well and the blush blends like charm, which ensured it a front row in my makeup bag this season.

Another cheek companion comes from the Sleek Contour Kit in Light (here). Housed in a small compact are a bronzer and a pretty pinky champagne highlight. I find that the bronzer is perfect for both contouring and warming up the face as it’s neither too ashy nor too orange. It’s right in the middle and it’s a good’un’for us fair skinned gals. The highlight is quite the beauty as well and I also like to dust some in the inner corners of my eye – it opens up the look beautifully. Pop this to your wish list ladies, it’s incredible quality and form the drugstore as well.

Greige and I have been having a love affair all year round and the Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Almond (here) has been my polish of choice in November. I mean look at it – the beautiful blend of beige and grey is so classy and chic and goes incredibly well with any outfit. Good neutral shades are a must in winter and this one ticks all the boxes. The chip-free gel-like formula is a hit as well and hangs around for days and days.

Statement necklaces are a seasonal must-have and this Happiness Boutique Be Beautiful Statement Necklace in Yellow* (here) is something I have fallen head over heels in love with recently. The quality is incredible and I like that is adds a little something something to any outfit without screaming ‘bling bling’. I have my Christmas party outfit sorted then – LBD, black studs and this lil’ beaut on. Winning combo.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Which beaut product have you been obsessing over recently?

Lots of love,


  1. I love Girl Meets Pearl and Barry M Gelly Nail varnishes! Such lovely products x


  2. gorgeous happiness boutique! Their necklaces are so amazing!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Loved this post! The pictures are so beautiful and over all it's great!. Great blog really! I'll be reading future blogmas post!


  4. I picked up Hervana recently and I'm loving it! It's so subtle!

    She Likes to Shop

  5. The nail polish color is gorgeous! This month I've been loving a lot of things but the NARS blush in sin is one of them.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  6. I love 107 I definitely need to dig it out!
    Coleoftheball xx

  7. Girl Meets Pearls is sooo pretty! Sleek contour kit is one of my all time favorite too. Great picks!

    Following you through GFC. Please follow back <3

  8. Hervana is such a beautiful blush, I really need to get my hands on it!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  9. I have both, the lip liner and the lipstick, definitely need to try this combo :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  10. Benefit's Hervana looks so beautiful! Your statement necklace is so pretty, too! Love that subtle touch of color. :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  11. Essence Soft Berry + Rimmel 107 sounds like an awesome combo. I've been eyeing both products for a while now!

  12. Your hair looks SO amazing! (as does your necklace) great post <3

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

  13. Hervana looks gorgeous! Love the necklace!


  14. Hervana is the only blush I've ever completely finished and repurchased. It's such a pretty one!
    The Beauty Bloss

  15. Your photos are sooooo lovely! Hervana is a dream combo of shades x

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  16. i love essence's soft berry. hervana sounds like such a pretty blush! this might be the next one i'm getting. benefit blushes are so great! xx


  17. The Sleek contour kit is such an old fave <3 xx

  18. I can imagine how pretty the lip combo is! The Benefit blush is adorable.


  19. This nail polish is so pretty! x

  20. That necklace is so pretty Andrea! Can't wait to read all your upcoming posts :) x

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