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Dare To Be You // Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl Fragrance

Andrea rosychicc boxing

Ghost Girl Fragrance

Self-confidence is not something that has always come easy for me. It’s taken me years and years of self-discovery and learning how to actually love myself. I used to be one of those girls that would always fear to express themselves at school and would fall into any fashion/music trend, well just because everyone else loves it. If I could tell anything to my 15-year-old self it would definitely be to embrace myself, be more daring, take risks and not be afraid to show my true colors to the world. Being comfortable in your own skin and having that amazing feeling of inner confidence is extremely important and that’s why I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the idea behind the new GHOST Girl campaign.

GHOST dare you to be you! Step out of your comfort zone, be edgy, rock that bright purple lipstick if you fancy, channel your inner rebel, express yourself in any way possible, be bold and never be afraid to be you! It’s the most rewarding feeling, no doubt about it!

I just love the powerful message GHOST are sending to the younger girls and I hope that more people feel inspired and take that incredible journey to self-discovery. It surely did inspire me and let me tell you - I felt pretty damn good! I slapped on some rather bright lipstick, put my hair up in a ponytail and hit the park for my first one-on-one boxing session. I felt liberated and free and smelled pretty amazing at the same time as well. Because the fragrance itself? Well, it’s love…

A beautiful blend of pear, pomegranate and orange blossom, which are mixed with cedar wood and musky cumber, which help balance everything out and add a lot of character to the scent. GHOST Girl is sweet and fruity but in a completely non-overpowering way. The fragrance is really feminine but definitely has a certain edge to it, which I adore. It’s playful, adventurous and carefree and the stunning graffiti bottle is the ideal finishing touch that looks lovely on my dressing table and it’s the perfect daily reminder that I should believe in myself more. This gorgeous fragrance is out now and you get your mitts on it here.

‘GHOST fragrances have been on a bold journey of self-discovery and unveil their edgy side presenting a brand new feminist floral that is complimented by a brand new look and feel. The scent, like the campaign is bursting with attitude for the strong, daring and fun-loving girl of today. Their most fearless fragrance to date, this intoxicating scent marks a change of direction for the brand adding a young, mischievous edge to the existing classical collection.’

GHOST Girl. Dare To Be You.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Ghost via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Ghost.

Lots of love,


  1. sounds like a great fragrance! Love Ghost fragrances, will have to try this one too!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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  3. Such a nice post you look beautiful.
    Mind checking my blog.

  4. The message behind this fragrance is perfect, I almost wish it was around when I was starting my teen years!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  5. This sounds incredible, love the message behind it as well!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  6. I love what Ghost are doing with this fragrance and wish more brands would get on board! Fab post <3

  7. The scent sounds so me! I love your photos x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

  8. I haven't tried any Ghost fragrances, this one sounds great x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  9. I've seen this advertised everywhere and it smells amazing! I'm yet to pick one up x

    Gabbi | Bloglovin |

  10. This sounds like such an incredible scent, I definitely need to check it out! x

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