Tuesday, 21 April 2015

3 Things I’ve Been Loving Recently

I’m sorry in advance if today’s post makes you wanna have an online shopping spree but it would’ve been rude not to share my love for the following trio. I’ve been completely smitten by these godsend items and quite frankly – you do need them in your life; pronto. We have a stunning watch with a touch of rose gold to it, a brush that makes contouring a child’s play and a hair removal device that simply leaves all your concerns in the past and makes your skin irresistibly smooth, minus the pain…

Philips IPL Lumea SC1991/00 // here
I am smitten. Honestly this is all I can say at this point. Never in a million years would I have thought that removing all unwanted body hair could be done so perfectly at home without any expensive salon treatments or those painful waxing session we all know and hate. After a lot of research I finally bit the bullet and treated myself to one of the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal systems and let me just tell you – the results are phenomenal. I’ll do a full review of the tool soon but basically after about five treatments I am happy to report that about 95% of my body hair (legs, armpits, bikini area) is gone and my skin is as smooth as a dolphin. The device is super easy and relatively fast to use and all you need to do is set it to the right intensity, press it against the desired skin area (it needs to be freshly shaved) and then just press the button. The tool produces gentle impulses of light and sends heat in the hairs, causing them to fall out naturally. The cool thing about Lumea is that it also prevents the regrowth of hair; you just need to make sure you go over the desired areas with the device once a month to keep them smooth and hair free. The Philips Lumea IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) systems are super gentle of the skin, don’t cause irritation and are completely painless – score! Hello beautiful summer-ready body!  

Daniel Wellington Classy St Mawes Watch* // here
You know that Daniel Wellington and I go way back and after falling head over heels in love with this beauty I knew an obsession was born. Having said that, meet the newest addition to my collection – the oh-so-beautiful Classy St Mawes! This beautiful DW baby has been glued to my wrist for the past month and the amount of compliments and questions where is it from say it all. The new Daniel Wellington Classy collection (here) is absolutely beautiful and if you love a hint of sparkle – it would be right up your alley! The beautiful Swarovski crystal index gives the watches that expensive feel and makes them look really sophisticated and feminine. All watches of the collection have ‘style’ written all over but the one that caught my eye the most was St Mawes – the leather brown wristband is stunning and the quality is insane. It goes with virtually any outfit and I sport it on both more formal events and just casual walks in the park. I love the more minimal and clean design of the DW timepieces and as a proper rose gold lover, the rose gold case is my favorite part but you can opt for silver if you fancy it as well. And as with any Daniel Wellington watch, the straps of the Classy collection are interchangeable and you can have a little play around with colors and textures depending on the look you’re going for – how cool! If you fancy treating yourself to anything from Daniel Wellington you can get 15% off your purchase using the code ‘rosychicc’; it’s valid until April 30th. Happy shopping!

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush // here
This budget friendly brush is any contour lover’s best friend. I do love a good contour and this uber soft and perfectly shaped gem works a total treat. The brush is made of high quality natural bristles that are not only super soft and gentle but also manage to pick the right amount of product without fail. I adore the angled shape of the brush as it makes sculpting the cheekbones a dream. It hugs them perfectly and you can get right into the hollows of the cheeks and define them as you wish. I find that Luxe Sheer Cheek works best with powder products and paired with my favorite bronzer it transforms my cheeks and makes them from bare-there to super high and modelesque. This baby blends product like there is no tomorrow and sometimes I like to use it for blush and highlight too. Get yourself one of these ladies; it’s a good’un!

Have you tried any of these products before?

Lots of love,


  1. I have recently done a post on my Zoeva Brushes, i am in love with them! This one sounds like a good one to add to the collection x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Ah I love the sound of all three of these. I have the Zoeva brush and it's my favourite in the set, perfect for contour. And that hair removal "machine" looks incredible!

    The Makeup Directory

  3. Do you need to replace lighting bulb for this device or ? I have Remington IPL system and although I do like it only has I think around 1500 flashes (which allows about two uses for whole body) and then I need to buy new bulb cartridge.


  4. I love the sound of the IPL system, I can't wait to read a full review because I'm seriously considering investing in one!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  5. Whaaa?? I'd love to have all my hair be gone in the comfort of my own home...! I will definitely be checking this out online!


  6. Oooo, I have to look into the laser hair removal tool! I personally don't like body hair on myself either - while I don't mind that it's there, it'd be nice if it weren't :P I heard that laser hair removal can be quite painful at times when done by professionals, so it's good to hear that there's another alternative. I've always wanted to try Zoeva brushes, I've been saying that for a while now. Since they're in Germany, I'm thinking long and hard about other things I might want to try from them before I place my order - especially that mixed metals palette!

    becky ♡ star violet

  7. I have a lot of Zoeva brushes but I don't own that one... *runs to computer to buy* x
    Becoming Becca

  8. Daniel Wellington watch reminds me - I need to look for a watch as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Sarah @ Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
    [New Post] SHISEIDO | Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

  9. The Zoeva brushes are so, so stunning! I want to try them so badly. x


  10. Philips hair removal system sounds promising!

  11. I have a hair removal system from philips too :) But I'm too lazy to use it often and regular :) But your post makes me think about that ;)

  12. I really love this post, and I am completely intrigued by the idea of the at home laser hair removal system. These all look like such useful products worthy of a try. <3


  13. I so want the Philips IPL - it sounds incredible! I just wish it wasn't so expensive xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  14. The Philips IPL sounds amazing, its just so expensive but I guess compared to how much you would pay to get that done in a salon its nothing! I love Zoeva too, I really want to pick up some more of the rose gold brushes especially, I already own the eye set and I love it!
    Ottilie xx


  15. I love the more minimal and clean design of the DW timepieces and as a proper rose gold lover, the rose gold case is my favorite part but you can opt for silver if you fancy it as well. Stubble trimmer

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