Monday, 27 January 2014

Amazing Advertiser / January

Hello my lovelies! Hope you had a fantastic weekend? I am rather excited for the start of the week (for once) as I have so many exciting things coming up and I can’t wait to dive straight into them eek! For today though, I have a very special lady to introduce to you – the lovely Natalie from . She has been my Exclusive Advertiser for the post month and I have been so happy to have her on my side bar! She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve met through blogging and her blog is one of my personal favorites so definitely check it out – I am sure you’ll find a new favorite read! :)

Hello there! My name is Natalie and I blog over at Natalie Loves Beauty. I am a self-professed makeup addict, and I love anything that has to do with - you guessed it - beauty! On my blog you will find product reviews, as well as tips and recommendations on all thinks makeup, hair, skin and nail care, as well as tried and tested tips and natural remedies to keep you looking your best! I love blogging, and ever since I started in 2012 I have never looked back. I would love for you to visit my blog and for you to take a look around - one of the things I enjoy most is interacting with you lovely lot! :)

If you fancy advertising with RosyChicc get in touch or directly reserve your slot here. :)



  1. I love blog posts about advertisers- it's a great way to find out about new wonderful blogs to read!

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  2. Wow :) Natalie's blog is lovely! I love it.


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