Saturday, 7 December 2013

My Beauty Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is fast approaching and it was just yesterday when it hit me – I forgot to send Santa my wish list letter! It is too late now and I am pretty sure my letter won’t arrive on time, so the only thing I can do at this point is do a blog post about it. I highly doubt that Santa’s reading my blog but it won’t hurt me trying, right haha? Also, I hope that this post can give you some ideas of what to ask for Christmas or what to give to the beauty obsessed ladies in your life. I really hope you’ll find some inspiration here, enjoy! :)

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

After reading the amazing review of Hanna about the GLAMGLOW Supermud FaceMask, I’ve been drooling over this (obviously) miracle worker. This product is supposed to be all-in-one clearing treatment that helps with (wait for it) problems skin, visible pores, blemishes, pimples, breakouts, spots, dark and white heads, razor burns and in-grown hair. Pretty incredible I would say. And the best part is that everyone says that the mask actually does live to its claims, which is fantastic and I cannot wait to tret myself with it!

Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Face Oil

Another skincare product that I added to my wish thanks to a fellow blogger is this Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Oil. The lovely Amelia recently praised this little bottle of amazingness in one of her posts and now I desperately want to add it to my stash. The oil is supposed to improve the skin tone and its texture, to minimize the appearance of pores, to help with scars and blemishes and most importantly for me – to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. What else could I wish for?

Sigma Paris Palette

Paris themed eye shadow palette? Yes please! The second I saw this Limited Edition beauty I knew I wanted it! Sigma’s Paris Palette includes eight eye shadow shades “inspired by the landmark monuments and locations in Paris”, which all look absolutely beautiful and I especially love the brighter colors because they are a bit different from everything I own. The palette also comes with two beautiful blushes and one highlighting shade. Any Sigma palette just won’t be complete without makeup brushes and this one includes two – one for eye shadow and one for blush. Great!

Urban Decay Naked 3

Does this beautiful product need introduction? I doubt it as everyone and their sister have been talking about it recently. The Naked 3 will hit the stores in the UK on 16th this month and I am dying to get my mitts on it so Santa please consider this. I love love love the other Naked pallets and I use them all the time but honestly the Naked 3, by the look of, it is my favorite. It has gorgeosu pink-y, everyday wearable shades and I know that I will get a lot of use out of it so I hope that I’ll have the chance to play around with it soon! :)

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #3 Violet Incognito

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick in combination with vampy fuchsia shade is a dream come true! I recently swathed this beaut at Sephora and I fell head over heels in love with it but when I tried to buy it they were out of stock. This, as would any other beauty lover do, has just made me want it even more so I had to pit it in my Christmas wish list. I adore YSL and I adore even more their Roughe Volupe lipstick range, especially the Shine line. They are soft and hydrating, they are glossy and beautiful and I just want every single of their stunning shades. I definitely won’t stop at anything until I get them all but for now #3 Violet Incognito would suffice. <3

Have you tried any of these products before? Do you recommend them? What are you hoping to get this Christmas?



  1. You'll love the Naked 3 palette! I was able to get my hands on it when it came out on the Urban Decay website the first day, and it's amazing!

  2. I'm DYING for the naked 3 palette. It looks so gorgeous!

  3. I wish we had Urban Decay in Sweden because I need to get my hands on Naked 3! It looks amazing! :)

  4. The Clarins oils are amazing! There is nothing better in winter!


  5. The YSL lipsticks do look gorgeous. I don't own one myself, as they're a bit expensive, but the packaging is ridiculously amazing. Eeek. and the naked 3 I need to say any more? WANT.

    Sharlotte xxx

  6. I'm hoping for the naked 3 too!

    I love the look of YSL lipsticks, the packaging is gorgeous!

  7. Love all the products :)

  8. love the naked 3 palette and the lipstick :D

  9. Great post, loving your Christmas list some seriously good picks there! Hope Santa is good to you ;)



  10. YSL lipsticks look amazing and the packaging is so incredible, would feel so pampered everytime you apply your lipstick :)

  11. My wish list is so similar to yours, I really want the UD Naked 3 too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  12. I have the Paris Palette and I like it, but I never use it for some reason!


  13. I would love to try glam glow too!

    Great wish list!

    Kimberley x

  14. I want the Naked 3 soooooooooo badly! I really cannot wait until 12th december, because apparently house of fraser is going to sell this in london :)

    Andrea xx

  15. I have to have this Naked 3 palette...

  16. The Naked 3 Palette looks so gorgeous! It's on my wishlist as well.

  17. Love the Naked 3 pallet, hoping I've been good this year! x

  18. mmmm Creo que coincido con muchas chicas, la Naked 3 está también en mi wishlist!

  19. I've been drooling over Glam Glow too! It really sounds like a miracle in a jar!

  20. such a nice wish list you have my dear ! i also want Naked 3 :) xx

  21. I'm so happy to say I've pre ordered the Naked 3 palette, theres a link and discount code on my blog is anyone is interested. I'd love a YSL lipstick too, so glamorous! xx

  22. I love the GlamGlow products so I would highly recommend that one. The Naked 3 palette of course is gorgeous, but I loooove that YSL lipstick too in that violet color, perfect for this time of year!
    k.f.c. =P

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