Monday, 23 September 2013

DIY / Dark Chocolate Facial Mask

DIY Dark Chocolate Face Mask

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! After my boyfriend kindly ditched me for his new love – GTA V (*dull face*), I had to figure out what to do and of course what better thing to do on a Sunday evening than throwing a pamper session! I made my favorite DIY mask with dark chocolate and sea salt, which makes my skin so soft and smooth and it’s the perfect pick-me-up for the upcoming week.

This home-made mask is pretty easy to make but at the same time will work wonders for your skin. I love how amazing my skin feels after treating it with this loveliness. For a few years now, many skin care specialists claim that the chocolate is actually quite beneficial for the skin. It is rich in minerals and antioxidants, which help our skin cells regenerate faster and also reduces any redness. Furthermore, it improves the blood circulation and hydrates. Believe it or not, the chocolate is also known to protect against the dangerous UV rays! Pretty amazing you’d say. Don’t start licking your fingers just yet though because all of those benefits are only proven to work if the chocolate is dark, with more than 70& cocoa in it. Not exactly yummy but perfect to melt and splash onto your skin! :) Another key ingredient in this mask is sea salt. It is again, rich in minerals. It softens and firms the skin as well as detoxifies it. It cleanses the skin deeply and removes the dead skin cells. Brilliant.

My cosmetician, who was the one who introduced me to this mask, said that it is suitable for all skin types, which is great! I use it every time I fancy something more special and chemicals-free. As I said, it hydrates and leaves my skin feel incredible soft and smooth and at the same time it is deeply cleansed and the skin tone is even out.


* 2 bars of dark chocolate (with more that 70% cocoa)
* 150 ml. milk (preferably warm)
* 1 teaspoon of sea salt

How to make this mask:

1. Warm up the milk (optional, but I think it works better) and mix it with the sea salt.

2. Melt the chocolate bars in the microwave or in a boiler. You can also chop them in small pieces beforehand if you want them to melt faster.

3. Mix the chocolate with the milk-salt blend. Stir well.

4. Leave the mixture cool down a bit. Be careful, it has to be cool but don’t let it harden!

5. Apply the mixture all over you face and neck with fingers, brush or a wooden stick.

6. Leave the mask on your face until the mixture is fully harden (about 15 minutes.)

7. Wash your face with warm water or a muslin cloth. I like to use hot cloth as it removes better, I feel like but it’s totally up to you.

8. Follow up with you favorite moisturizer and enjoy your lovely soft and radiant skin! :)

So there you have it beauties – one of my favorite home-made masks. Please let me know if you end up trying it. I really love it and it puts me in such a great mood afterwards. Just have in mind a massive chocolate craving may occur during the making of this mask haha! ;) Have a fab week sweets!

Have you tried a similar to this mask? What do you think about it? Would you give this one a go?

Lots of love,

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  1. I love dark chocolate and will definitely be trying this out! I never use face masks as I actually react to most of them so I usually make my own. Thanks for this!


    1. I know what you mean... My best friend is the same about face masks and she gets bad reaction almost every time. This one is her favorite though, so I hope it will work just as good for you hun! :)

      Andrea xx

  2. This looks amazing! I should try it (though I'm afraid I'd start stripping off the mixture to take a nibble hehe).

    Love, When You Dream Big x

  3. It sounds lovely! I'm going to try it this weekend and see what it does for my skin!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  4. What a cool idea! Guess what I'm trying out this weekend? :) I think I may eat a little too much of it before it even reaches my skin... haha. thank you for the awesome post! xoxo
    Emily ⎜

  5. I looks delicious!
    Deffo going to give it a try! x


  6. I think I would end up eating this rather than putting it on my face to be honest!!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  7. Love home made face masks they are so fun to make :) however I think I would ate the chocolate before it was melted :P

    Katie xx | Katies World

  8. What an amazing idea! Am going to try this. I'm also a GTA widow so this will give me something fun to do at the weekend!
    Tania x

  9. hahaha is it awful if i think ingesting the dark chocolate would do much better than putting it on my face. it get all the antioxidents that way :P

    A Beautiful Zen

  10. Love this idea! I have to agree i'd probably scoff the chocolate before it even made contact with my face ha!

    Gemma x

  11. I've been ditched for GTA too haha, annoying! And this sounds great, although putting chocolate ON my face instead of IN it shall be quite different ha. XX

  12. lovely blog!!

    Would u like to follow each other? Let me know


  13. omg choclate! I so want to eat it :D thanks a lot for sharing
    I followed you on bloglovin and instagram, follow me back maybe :D

  14. This looks like just my taste ;)

    How often would you use this?

    1. I use it once a week and I love the results hun :)

  15. If it wasn't for the salt I'd just end up eating this!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  16. I will so give this a go! It's nice to have some face mask options in handy that don't cost you an arm and a leg and are easy to make. I can imagine this would be brilliant for pamper evenings with the girls. Thanks for sharing!


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