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What’s In My Bag / Summer Edition

What’s In My Bag summer clutch

What’s In My Bag non beauty

what is in my bag makeup

Happy Friday beauties, get excited because today it’s time to talk about one of my favorite things in the world – bags! Specifically, my favorite clutch for Summer 2013 and what I like to carry around with me on those hot, humid days! I am a massive clutch lover and I wear clutches at all times but I especially love them for the summer as they look fab with my favorite flow-y dresses and I can keep away from my body so that they don’t heat me up any further. As much as I love this though, we all can agree that they fit rather small amount of stuff so I need to minimize the content of my bag, which I hate to do but oh well… The things we do for fashion! I figured that I’ll take you with me on this ‘bag optimization’ journey and I’ll show you how I manage to have all my necessities with me without making my clutch look like a hot air balloon! :)

Firstly, I’ll show you the random bits and bobs that I like to have with me and I have to start with my iPhone! It’s pretty self-explanatory really, but I never leave the house without it and I’m always doing something with it – chatting with friends, tweeting or instagramming and I have to have it with me otherwise I don’t feel complete haha! Since my Filofax is waaay too bulky for a clutch I can carry only my little blog notebook and hope that it will suffice. I really like having it with me for any time that a brilliant post idea or something related to the blog hits me. I’m the type of person who likes to always write things down so this definitely comes in handy. Oh, and obviously I need a pen, so I have one with me as well. I am a massive hand sanitizer user so having one with me whenever I go is a must. Recently I’ve been loving the Sweet Pea by Bath & Body Works. It smells deliciously sweet and I find that it cleanses / sanitizes my hands really well without feeling greasy or sticky! :) Chewing gum is another one of those things that I like to have in my purse because I adore the fresh, minty feel they give and it’s always nice to have with you. For my hair, if clutches could fit more stuff in them, without a doubt I’d go for my Tangle Teezer (review here) but since it’s huge, I have to opt for something slimmer and I like my Macadamioa Oil Infused Comb. Honestly, I don’t know if it really ‘heals’ my hair or not but it’s really good at detangling and getting rid of the frizz. Also, it’s been über hot outside recently so I have to have a hair tie just in case I want to get my hair away from my face and put it up in a messy bit or something. Since my clutch is too tiny to fit my wallet, I just put some cash, my credit card and ID and my driving license in the little document compartment and I’m good to go. :)

Now for the exciting part – my makeup! When I carry around a normal, larger size bag I always put in my makeup bag but obviously it’s impossible to do that whit a clutch so I have very limited amount. Honestly, the things I have here are more than enough so it’s not a big deal but I still like having my ridiculous amount of lip products on hand haha. Anyway, the first product I need, especially during the summer is a face powder and I like the infamous Chanel Poudre Universelle. It does a nice job at keeping any oils at bay and it has a lovely mirror, which is a massive plus for me. To apply the powder, I use this TooFaced brush, which is not ideal but it’s so pretty and cute that I don’t really care hah. Every time I pull it out of my bag it makes me happy and it still does a pretty decent job so it’s a win win! I also like to have some concealer with me because we don’t want any blemishes or scaring peeking through during the day, am I right? I love this lovely mini duo and it is Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer, which is super creamy, applies easily and covers everything nicely without looking cakey. Definitely recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet. As I mentioned earlier, it’s been ridiculously hot recently and this Thermal Spring Water mini spray by Avene has literally been my trusty savior. It makes the skin super soft and smooth and it actually sets the makeup really well and gets rid of the nasty ‘powdery’ look we may experience sometimes. On top of that, this little gem refreshes and cools down the skin like nothing else; I love it and it’s a summertime must have in my opinion. Now for my beloved lip products, I managed to narrow them down to only two (shocking, I know!). As a dry lip sufferer, I have to have a lip balm with me and the one I’m currently obsessing over is this Soap & Glory A Great Kisser LipBalm in Juicy Peach. This babe moisturizes my lips amazingly and makes them really soft. It smells heavenly and I like that it gives a nice glossy finish to the lips, almost as if you’re wearing an actual lip gloss. Lovely! For my second lip product, it depends on what lip color I’m going for that day but recently I’ve been loving the Revlon LipButter in Lollipop. It is this gorgeous bright fuchsia pink shade, which I absolutely love on me and as all Revlon Lip Butters, this is super opaque and last ages! :)

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post! <3 I’ve been meaning to do one of these for the longest time because I personally am a nosy like that and I love seeing what people carry around, so I thought you may enjoy this too. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Oh, and btw my clutch is from H&M but sadly I don’t think it’s available anymore... :(

Lots of love,


  1. That brush is seriously cute - I love that it has pink tips!

  2. I like the idea of a notebook. I am similar in that I like to write down ideas and I agree that filofaxes take up so much room in my bag! Now all I need to do is find a super cute notebook like you :)


  3. So many goodies! What a fun post Andrea! I love my Aveve water too! The best! I also love my lip butter as a purse item because they don't melt into a hot mess!
    <3 Kallie.

  4. I love posts like this! You always take such lovely photos.
    You can fit quite a lot in that clutch, I like the sound of the comb especially if it's good for taming frizz.

    Hannah x

  5. I love that notepad! And I'm definitely going to try the Soap & Glory lipbalm!
    Thanks for sharing this with us :) x

  6. Oh no it's that gorgeous bag again! ;) Great post! I need to streamline the contents of my bag! Xx

  7. You better get a case on that iPhone ma'am! :)

    Lovely post!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  8. It's always good this kind of post!
    I love to know what people swear by and use on a day to day basis.
    chanelle jade

  9. You've managed to fit an awful lot in that little bag! I barely manage to fit all my junk in my bag - I think the key word was junk there I could do with a clean out :p

    Love these posts!

  10. Amazing I love these types of posts <3 haha and that Chanel powder sounds lovely I will be checking this out x

  11. AMAZING post! I'm obsessing over the pink tipped brush!!! x x

  12. I just can't get bored of your pictures ! I love the colors !
    love the post !


  13. hihi I as vintagi si nosq smetka za grim (2 -za ruj I za raznasqne na gr na ochite) :)

  14. Everything is so girly and pink! That makeup brush is particularly adorable.

    xo, alison*elle

  15. Lollipop looks beautiful and I love the look of the brush too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  16. lovely clutch
    i love revlon lip butters !!

    new post - nuevo post

  17. Lovely stuff, especially loving that TooFaced brush! I have their Pink Leopard bronzer it's so good!


  18. Boi-ing seems like a great concealer, and I too thikn it's always essential to have concealer in my bag! I like to have blotting tissues in my bag too because my face gets oily fast! I've done a What's in My Bag post too, so you can check it out if you'd like! :)

  19. The photo quality on this blog is TOP NOTCH. What camera do you use? The quality is just amazing.
    I love soap and glory's peach lip balm too :D
    Nice post x

  20. Such amazing photos! They looked like they were made for a magazine feature! Love this post and your brush looks so adorable in ombre :-)

  21. your post are always so interesting to read -- keep up the good work girl!! i really should buy the avene thermal spring water, great for this season hehe xx

  22. I love posts like this :-) I like to snoop around and see what other people carry with them, hehe.

  23. I love these types of posts! I really want to try the benefit concealer! xx

    Trial and Error Beauty

  24. I'm such a fan of the lip butters! I recently purchased sweet tart which is a bright pink, another lovely summer shade! All the contents of your bag are so lovely and they also look pretty haha.
    Lovely Notions

  25. Love this post!


  26. I love reading/watching these "what's in my bag?" posts! You have such great things!

    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my post!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  27. Your bag has such pretty contents, so many pastel tones!

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